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Introducing the Bellfires View Bell XXL 3 Three Sided Gas Fireplace, the ultimate contemporary gas fireplace from Barbas Bellfires.


This stunning piece features three glass sides, allowing for a 360-degree view of the beautiful, realistic flames. With its clean, minimal lines and robust design, the View Bell XXL 3 is sure to make a statement in any room.


Producing an impressive 2-12kW of heat output, this fireplace is as functional as it is stylish. Bring a touch of modern elegance and warmth to your home with the Bellfires View Bell XXL 3 Three Sided Gas Fireplace.


Dimensions of Glass area are: 1737mm wide x 400mm High


Please contact us to discuss flue requirements


Click here to download Installation Manual (pdf)

Click here to download additional dimensions (pdf)


Click here to view a video of the flames (youtube)




The Horizon Bell can be fully controlled via the sleek looking Bellfires thermostatic remote control or Bellfires App that can be accessed on a tablet or mobile phone. This gives you the ability to control the settings of your Horizon Bell with the tap of a button without having to leave your sofa. Set the temperature and timer abilities


Wifi Module

The wifi module allows you to operate your Bellfire gas fire via your mobile or tablet at the touch of a button, so you don’t even have to leave your sofa to operate it. The Bellfires app is very intuiative and allows you to control the heating and timer for your Horizon Bell along with other settings and quirky features.


Click here to view video of Line Burner 


Click here to view video of Centre Burner



Double Burners

The Horizon Bell range features two different double burner options; the line fire burner and centre fire burner. Featuring innovative patented technology, each have individual character and create a different atmosphere. Bellfires burners are highly efficient with their power saving mode and eco ready functionality without compromising on the quality of the flames.


The Line Fire burner is a double burner system that are strategically placed in lines on after the other, this creates an immersive 4d flame with rich depth.


The Line Burner can also be adapted to a slow and low power mode which just turns on the front burners, which spans the whole width of the fuel bed. This inturn produces less heat but still allows you to have a rich looking flame that spans the whole fuel bed. Works very well on a large horizontal fire.


The second burner option is the Centre Fire burner. The flames are placed next to each other and it allows you to switch off the side of the burner for a richer and fuller centre fire. By switching off the sides is also produces less heat, if you wish.

Bellfires View Bell XXL 3 Three Sided Gas Fireplace

  • Features

    • Highly Efficient Gas Fire
    • Large Horizontal Glass Display
    • 12 kW Heat Output
    • Natural or LPG Gas
    • Balanced Flue Gas Fire
    • Minimal Contemporary Style
    • Many Styling Options
  • Specifications


    • Energy: Label B
    • Fuel: Gas
    • Model Build in
    • Fire view: 3 Sided fireplace
    • Power (kW): 12 Kw
    • Convection fan: NO
    • Smoke gas exit / air intake: Ø100-150mm of Ø130-200mm
    • Natural gas: YES
    • Propane: YES
    • Butane: YES
  • Delivery

    As this fire is made to order Delivery takes around 4 to 6 weeks 

    If you require further information please call us on 01254 427270

    or Send us a Dm Via our contact us page.


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