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The Smart series consists of built-in fires, equipped with the Faber Flat Burner®. The flame effect of the Flat Burner® is horizontal and produces many hours of enjoyable gazing. This minimalist fire design is an asset to any home.


The Relaxed version has the glas at the front.


  • A fire with the characteristic, reliable Faber technology at an attractive price.
  • The height of the flames can be set accurately with the supplied remote control.
  • A log set of realistic quality.


Our famous flame effect starts with our burners. This Faber specialisation is based on years of in-house development and experience. Together with the decorations, such as a log set, the burner determines the ‘character’ of the fire you look at; broadly spread in the fire, or in the middle, stretched out or vertical, more dynamic or really calm.


Relaxed L Frameless Balanced Flue

  • Features

    Type: Built-in

    Model: Front model

    Exterior dimensions WxHxD

    in mm1143 x 709 x 382

    Fire display WxHxD

    in mm977 x 430

    System: Flat Burner®

    Decoration: Log set

    Back walls: Smooth steel

    Remote: GV60

    Power 7,1Kw

    Operating system: Mertik

    Energy label B

  • Fuel Bed Options:

    Logs only

  • Delivery

    Free Delivery within 14 to 20 days 

    Subject to supplier stock levels

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