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The ultra modern Hole in the Wall or Frameless Gas Fires create a contemporary feel for your home

Discover Landscape Trimless/Frameless Gas Fires

Bring a sense of style, quality and prestige to your living space with a special collection of landscape gas fires offered by Senso Fireplaces . Create your own design from a wide range of style options available across all models, each with a choice of state-of-the art latest  Thermostatic remote controls or Slide Control Options.

The Senso Fireplaces collection of fires offers easy installation and servicing for your gas installer, together with enhanced control of the heat output - which means you can enjoy all the warmth and atmosphere of your gas fire all year round.

For centuries, a focal point fire has been at the heart of the British home, and nothing can beat the warmth, realism and control of a gas fire. The Senso Fireplaces collection sourced from the best british manufacturers lets you bring the unbeatable ambience of a gas fires into your home.

Plus, with a up to 25 year guarantee offered on some appliances along with, stringent safety testing and some of the Britain's well known manufacturing heritage spanning more than 60 years in manufacturing, you can put your trust in us.

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