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The British-designed Bowfell stove by Mi-Fires is a clean burn, multi-fuel stove predominately designed for ease-of use, maximum efficiency and stunning flame displays.

It boasts a large curved viewing panel, white-burn schamotte fire bricks to emphasise the flames and is designed to fit into most fireplaces. It has a steel body with cast iron door and grate.


Designed with an integrated air jacket and large air tank means that large volumes of cold air which can be taken directly from outside is instantly warmed. This is sent around the inner wall and gives a curtain of protective warn air over the glass, keeping it perfectly clear. 


All Mi-Fires are DEFRA Approved and are therefore are usable in smoke exempt areas. 


A kit is available that allows you to the combustion air directly from outside, perfect for passiv houses.


All Mi-Fires stoves come with an installer friendly flue pipe outlet allowing you to flue the stove from the top or rear. Also the integrated feet can be screw adjusted to make sure the stove is always level, no matter how uneven the floor is.


The standard handle has the Mi-Fire brand etched in black into the stainless steel handle. Other options are plain black handle, or a black handle with a silver Mi-Fire logo etched into the handle.


Free items with this stove include:
-Riddling Tool

Bowfell MF 4.5kW Stove