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The Kalfire E-one (built in model) gives fireplaces a whole new meaning – experience fire like you've never experienced it before! The E-one is a sustainable electric decorative fireplace with beautiful flames that you won’t be able to take your eyes off. The E-one is a high-tech electric fireplace without a flue, so you can place it anywhere you like. You can also change the fire settings – from the flame height, ember bed, flame colour to sound –create the fire that you want. Endless possibilities, zero emissions.


The E-One is a realistic alternative to the conventional gas fireplace, with its dual flame HD technology that cannot be distinguished from the real thing and 0% emissions, it is the perfect choice. It can be installed and fitted without a flue or a gas connection and brings with it no restrictions. Easily plug it in and switch it on. As it doesn’t give off any direct heat, it’s very safe for the whole family.


Thanks to the unique, innovative technology, you can create the perfect flame and atmosphere: choose the height, intensity, and colour of the flames. Adjust the ember bed and ambient light and choose between the sound of crackling pine wood or beech wood. The Kalfire E-one allows you to create the fire that you want.


Click here to view the video of this fire working



Kalfire E-One 100F Luxury Electric Fire

£4,995.00 Regular Price
£4,680.00Sale Price
  • Dimensions

    E-one 100F FR

    Fireplace (mm):
    Width: 1059
    Depth: 512
    Height: 764 - 782

    Glass dimensions (mm):
    Width: 1000
    Height: 367

    Mounting trim:
    4-sided, frame depth 2cm, trim 4mm

  • Detailed Spec

    Create your own fire

    The Kalfire electric fireplace is easy to operate using the E-one Remote. The fire of the E-one can be fully tailored to your preferences. Stimulate your senses and adjust the flame height, flame colour, and ambient light to create the fire that you want. For an even better fire experience, choose Kalfire Sound or the optional Atmos Heating. Below you can read about the unique features of the Kalfire E-one.

    Adjustable Flame Height

    The flame height is adjustable from level 1 to 5. Level 6 is the shuffle mode. In shuffle mode, you can create dynamic flames in the electric design fireplace at just the touch of a button.

    Atmos Lighting

    Atmos Lighting projects shadow effects on the logs. It enhances the true fire experience. The intensity is adjustable from level 1 to 5. Level 6 is the shuffle mode, which creates a dynamic flicker effect.

    Flame Tones

    Create your own flame pattern in Kalfire's electric fireplace. Choose from three different flame colours and adjust the intensity of the flames as desired.

    Hybrid LED E

    The intensity of the ember bed can be set to 5 different levels. In level 6 (the shuffle mode), the ember bed continuously changes in intensity.

    Anti-Reflect Function

    In standby mode, the interior of the design fireplace is attractively lit, creating a nice view of the logs, even when the fire is not burning.

    Kalfire Sound

    Choose the sound of crackling pine wood (Pinewood sound) or less crackling beech wood (Beechwood sound). The volume is adjustable from level 1 to 5.

    Atmos Heating

    The specially developed Atmos Heating element provides pleasant ambient heat that contributes to the ultimate fire experience. Atmos Heating is available for the Kalfire E-one 100F.

  • Delivery

    As these fires are imported in it take approx 3 to 4 weeks from order to delivery.

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